Commit c2f53007 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: fix QRegion dumper for builds without debug info

parent bffeae9b
...@@ -1517,12 +1517,20 @@ def qdump__QRegion(d, item): ...@@ -1517,12 +1517,20 @@ def qdump__QRegion(d, item):
d.putValue("<empty>") d.putValue("<empty>")
d.putNumChild(0) d.putNumChild(0)
else: else:
n = str(p.dereference()["numRects"]) try:
d.putItemCount(n) # Fails without debug info.
d.putNumChild(n) n = str(p.dereference()["numRects"])
if d.isExpanded(item): d.putItemCount(n)
with Children(d): d.putNumChild(n)
d.putFields(Item(p.dereference(), item.iname)) if d.isExpanded(item):
with Children(d):
d.putFields(Item(p.dereference(), item.iname))
d.putValue(" ")
if d.isExpanded(item):
with Children(d):
# qt_rgn might be 0 # qt_rgn might be 0
# gdb.parse_and_eval("region")["d"].dereference()["qt_rgn"].dereference() # gdb.parse_and_eval("region")["d"].dereference()["qt_rgn"].dereference()
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