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Debugger: Adjust std::__1::unordered_map dumper

Implementation seems to have changed.

Change-Id: I196d02cddcccdd7765e5a098bb98f894122781a1
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent e452ebde
......@@ -640,11 +640,18 @@ def qdump__std____1__unordered_map(d, value):
size = int(value["__table_"]["__p2_"]["__first_"])
if d.isExpanded():
# There seem to be several versions of the implementation.
def valueCCorNot(val):
return val["__cc"]
return val
node = value["__table_"]["__p1_"]["__first_"]["__next_"]
with PairedChildren(d, size, pairType=node["__value_"].type, maxNumChild=1000):
with PairedChildren(d, size, pairType=valueCCorNot(node["__value_"]).type):
for i in d.childRange():
with SubItem(d, i):
d.putPair(node["__value_"], i)
d.putPair(valueCCorNot(node["__value_"]), i)
node = node["__next_"]
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