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Fixes: Create a cbp file if we didn't find one, create All target

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Details:  For now create only one build configuration "AllTargets",
build only the "all" target. Create runconfigurations for all targets
with option type=4
parent 9ab11269
......@@ -50,6 +50,17 @@
using namespace CMakeProjectManager;
using namespace CMakeProjectManager::Internal;
// QtCreator CMake Generator wishlist:
// Which make targets we need to build to get all executables
// What is the make we need to call
// What is the actual compiler executable
// Open Questions
// Who sets up the environment for cl.exe ? INCLUDEPATH and so on
CMakeProject::CMakeProject(CMakeManager *manager, const QString &fileName)
: m_manager(manager), m_fileName(fileName), m_rootNode(new CMakeProjectNode(m_fileName))
......@@ -57,8 +68,10 @@ CMakeProject::CMakeProject(CMakeManager *manager, const QString &fileName)
m_file = new CMakeFile(this, fileName);
QDir dir = QFileInfo(m_fileName).absoluteDir();
QString cbpFile = findCbpFile(dir);
if (cbpFile.isEmpty())
cbpFile = createCbpFile(dir);
if (cbpFile.isEmpty()) {
cbpFile = findCbpFile(dir);
//TODO move this parsing to a seperate method, which is also called if the CMakeList.txt is updated
CMakeCbpParser cbpparser;
......@@ -111,7 +124,7 @@ QString CMakeProject::findCbpFile(const QDir &directory)
return QString::null;
QString CMakeProject::createCbpFile(const QDir &directory)
void CMakeProject::createCbpFile(const QDir &directory)
// We create a cbp file, only if we didn't find a cbp file in the base directory
// Yet that can still override cbp files in subdirectories
......@@ -124,8 +137,7 @@ QString CMakeProject::createCbpFile(const QDir &directory)
QProcess cmake;
cmake.start("cmake", QStringList() << "-GCodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles");
return QString::null;
void CMakeProject::buildTree(CMakeProjectNode *rootNode, QList<ProjectExplorer::FileNode *> list)
......@@ -261,17 +273,21 @@ void CMakeProject::restoreSettingsImpl(ProjectExplorer::PersistentSettingsReader
insertBuildStep(0, cmakeStep);
insertBuildStep(1, makeStep);
makeStep->setValue("AllTargets", "buildTargets", QStringList() << "all");
// Create build configurations of m_targets
qDebug()<<"Create build configurations of m_targets";
bool setActive = false;
foreach(const CMakeTarget &ct, m_targets) {
makeStep->setValue(ct.title, "makeCommand", ct.makeCommand);
makeStep->setValue(ct.title, "makeCleanCommand", ct.makeCleanCommand);
QSharedPointer<ProjectExplorer::RunConfiguration> rc(new CMakeRunConfiguration(this, ct.executable, ct.workingDirectory));
// TODO set build configuration to build before it can be run
setActiveRunConfiguration(rc); // TODO what exactly shall be the active run configuration?
// The first one gets the honour of beeing the active one
if (!setActive) {
setActive = true;
......@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ public:
QString findCbpFile(const QDir &);
QString createCbpFile(const QDir &);
void createCbpFile(const QDir &);
void buildTree(CMakeProjectNode *rootNode, QList<ProjectExplorer::FileNode *> list);
ProjectExplorer::FolderNode *findOrCreateFolder(CMakeProjectNode *rootNode, QString directory);
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ bool MakeStep::init(const QString &buildConfiguration)
setEnabled(buildConfiguration, true);
setWorkingDirectory(buildConfiguration, m_pro->buildDirectory(buildConfiguration));
setCommand(buildConfiguration, "make"); // TODO give full path here?
setArguments(buildConfiguration, QStringList()); // TODO
setArguments(buildConfiguration, value(buildConfiguration, "buildTargets").toStringList()); // TODO
setEnvironment(buildConfiguration, m_pro->environment(buildConfiguration));
return AbstractProcessStep::init(buildConfiguration);
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