Commit c81ed0bf authored by Ulf Hermann's avatar Ulf Hermann
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QmlProfiler: Send the correct end events when restricting to range

Clamping the timestamps and then sending the original events doesn't
make a lot of sense.

Change-Id: I42a42968d0188acb040649483d642c6b3f3e1038
Reviewed-by: Joerg Bornemann's avatarJoerg Bornemann <>
parent 23afc7ad
......@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ void QmlProfilerDataModel::replayEvents(qint64 rangeStart, qint64 rangeEnd,
if (stack.isEmpty()) {
QmlEvent endEvent(event);
loader(event, d->eventTypes[event.typeIndex()]);
loader(endEvent, d->eventTypes[event.typeIndex()]);
} else {
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