Commit c8279624 authored by Jarek Kobus's avatar Jarek Kobus
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Get rid of Qt4ProFileNode in LibraryDetailsController

Since it will not work for pri files. The code is prepared to work
with pri files. However, currently it will work only in case
the pro file which includes the pri file lays in the same dir.
After the QTBUG-13057 is done it will be just a matter of
changing the apropriate variable name in librarydetailscontroller.cpp
to make it working properly.

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-125
parent d6be0395
......@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@
#include <projectexplorer/projectexplorer.h>
#include <projectexplorer/session.h>
#include <projectexplorer/target.h>
#include <projectexplorer/buildconfiguration.h>
#include <QtCore/QFileInfo>
#include <QtCore/QDir>
......@@ -765,8 +767,7 @@ void ExternalLibraryDetailsController::updateWindowsOptionsEnablement()
Ui::LibraryDetailsWidget *libraryDetails, QObject *parent)
: LibraryDetailsController(libraryDetails, parent),
: LibraryDetailsController(libraryDetails, parent)
......@@ -837,9 +838,9 @@ void InternalLibraryDetailsController::updateWindowsOptionsEnablement()
void InternalLibraryDetailsController::proFileChanged()
m_proFileNode = 0;
const ProjectExplorer::Project *project =
......@@ -850,14 +851,13 @@ void InternalLibraryDetailsController::proFileChanged()
ProjectExplorer::ProjectNode *rootProject = project->rootProjectNode();
QFileInfo fi(rootProject->path());
QDir rootDir(fi.absolutePath());
m_rootProjectPath = fi.absolutePath();
QDir rootDir(m_rootProjectPath);
FindQt4ProFiles findQt4ProFiles;
QList<Qt4ProFileNode *> proFiles = findQt4ProFiles(rootProject);
foreach (Qt4ProFileNode *proFileNode, proFiles) {
const QString proFilePath = proFileNode->path();
if (proFilePath == proFile()) {
m_proFileNode = proFileNode;
} else if (proFileNode->projectType() == LibraryTemplate) {
if (proFileNode->projectType() == LibraryTemplate) {
const QStringList configVar = proFileNode->variableValue(ConfigVar);
if (!configVar.contains(QLatin1String("plugin"))) {
const QString relProFilePath = rootDir.relativeFilePath(proFilePath);
......@@ -910,17 +910,39 @@ bool InternalLibraryDetailsController::isComplete() const
QString InternalLibraryDetailsController::snippet() const
const int currentIndex = libraryDetailsWidget()->libraryComboBox->currentIndex();
if (currentIndex < 0)
return QString();
if (!m_proFileNode)
if (m_rootProjectPath.isEmpty())
return QString();
Qt4ProFileNode *proFileNode =;
// dir of the root project
QDir rootDir(m_rootProjectPath);
// relative path for the project for which we insert the snippet,
// it's relative to the root project
const QString proRelavitePath = rootDir.relativeFilePath(proFile());
// project for which we insert the snippet
const ProjectExplorer::Project *project =
// the build directory of the active build configuration
QDir rootBuildDir(project->activeTarget()->activeBuildConfiguration()->buildDirectory());
// the project for which we insert the snippet inside build tree
QFileInfo pfi(rootBuildDir.filePath(proRelavitePath));
// the project dir for which we insert the snippet inside build tree
QDir projectBuildDir(pfi.absolutePath());
// current project node from combobox
QFileInfo fi(proFile());
QDir projectBuildDir(m_proFileNode->buildDir());
QDir projectSrcDir(fi.absolutePath());
// project node which we want to link against
Qt4ProFileNode *proFileNode =;
TargetInformation targetInfo = proFileNode->targetInformation();
const QString targetRelativePath = appendSeparator(projectBuildDir.relativeFilePath(targetInfo.buildDir));
......@@ -932,12 +954,16 @@ QString InternalLibraryDetailsController::snippet() const
QString snippetMessage;
QTextStream str(&snippetMessage);
str << "\n";
// replace below to "PRI_OUT_PWD" when task QTBUG-13057 is done
// (end enable adding libraries into .pri files as well).
const QString outPwd = QLatin1String("OUT_PWD");
str << generateLibsSnippet(platforms(), macLibraryType(),,
targetRelativePath, QLatin1String("OUT_PWD"),
targetRelativePath, outPwd,
useSubfolders, addSuffix, true);
str << generateIncludePathSnippet(includeRelativePath);
str << generatePreTargetDepsSnippet(platforms(), linkageType(),,
targetRelativePath, QLatin1String("OUT_PWD"),
targetRelativePath, outPwd,
useSubfolders, addSuffix);
return snippetMessage;
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ protected:
private slots:
void slotCurrentLibraryChanged();
Qt4ProFileNode *m_proFileNode;
QString m_rootProjectPath;
QVector<Qt4ProFileNode *> m_proFileNodes;
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