Commit c951e5b6 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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reset output converter state again

parent 1d6da504
...@@ -289,13 +289,13 @@ void GdbEngine::initializeVariables() ...@@ -289,13 +289,13 @@ void GdbEngine::initializeVariables()
m_inbuffer.clear(); m_inbuffer.clear();
// ConverterState has no reset() function.
new (&m_outputCodecState) QTextCodec::ConverterState();
m_currentFunctionArgs.clear(); m_currentFunctionArgs.clear();
m_currentFrame.clear(); m_currentFrame.clear();
m_dumperHelper.clear(); m_dumperHelper.clear();
// FIXME: unhandled:
//m_outputCodecState = QTextCodec::ConverterState();
} }
QString GdbEngine::errorMessage(QProcess::ProcessError error) QString GdbEngine::errorMessage(QProcess::ProcessError error)
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