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Doc: function tooltips

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\o To view documentation, switch to \gui Help mode.
\o To obtain context sensitive help, move the text cursor to a Qt class
or function and press \key F1. The documentation is displayed in a
\o To view context sensitive help on a Qt class or function as a
tooltip, move the mouse cursor over the class or function. If help
is not available, the tooltip displays type information for the
\o To display the full help on a Qt class or function, press \key F1.
The documentation is displayed in a
pane next to the code editor, or, if there is not enough vertical
space, in the fullscreen \gui Help mode.
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\image qtcreator-context-sensitive-help.png
\section1 Viewing Function Tooltips
To hide function tooltips by default, select \gui {Tools > Options >
Text Editor > Show help tooltips > On Shift+Mouseover}. You can still view
the tooltips by pressing and holding down the \key Shift key.
To use a keyboard shortcut for viewing help tooltips, select
\gui {Using keyboard shortcut (Alt)}.
\section1 Finding Information in Qt Documentation
\QC, \QSDK and other Qt deliverables contain documentation
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