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Doc: remove references to Qt Quick example

Do not use the Clocks example in the tutorial for building
and running, because it is not delivered with Qt 5.

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......@@ -39,32 +39,19 @@
\image qtcreator-gs-build-example-open.png "Selecting an example"
\o Search for \gui {Toys: Clocks Example} (2) in the list of examples
and select it (3).
\o Select an example in the list of examples. You can also search for
examples (2).
\note The project opens in the \gui Edit mode, and the documentation
for the example hides these instructions. To return to these
instructions, select \gui {Previous Page} on the toolbar or
press \key {Alt+Left}.
\o Select \gui Projects to configure the project:
\image qtcreator-gs-build-example-targets.png "Selecting kit for building and running"
\list 1
\o Select the kits \l{glossary-buildandrun-kit}{kits} (1) that
specify the devices you develop for.
\o Select \gui {Configure Project} (2).
\o To check that the application code can be compiled and linked for a
device, click the \gui {Kit Selector} and select a kit for the
\image qtcreator-kit-selector.png "Selecting a kit to build with"
\image qtcreator-gs-build-example-kit-selector.png "Selecting a kit to build with"
\o Click
\inlineimage qtcreator-run.png
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