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Doc: connecting to CODA over WLAN

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\o Start the debugging agent (CODA or App TRK) application on your device.
\note If you use CODA over an USB connection, it starts up
automatically when you connect the device to the development PC.
\o Click the \gui Run button.
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\o The Nokia USB drivers that come with \e{PC Suite} or \e{Ovi Suite}
have been installed on the development PC.
\o The device is connected through USB cable in \e{PC Suite} mode.
\o The debugging agent (CODA or App TRK) is running on the device, using
the USB connection,
with the status \e connected.
\o The debugging agent (App TRK or CODA) is running on the device with
the status \e connected.
\note If you use the CODA debugging agent over WLAN, you must enter
the WLAN address and port number in Qt Creator, separated by a
colon (:). For example:
\o The device is detected and selected in the \gui {Run Settings}.
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\contentspage index.html
\previouspage creator-tool-chains.html
\page creator-run-settings.html
\nextpage creator-editor-settings.html
\title Specifying Run Settings
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\image qtcreator-symbian-run-settings.png "Run settings for Symbian devices"
To use the CODA debugging agent over a WLAN connection, enter the WLAN
address of the device and the port number to use, separated by a colon (:),
in the \gui WLAN field. For example:
When you deploy the application for the \gui{Symbian Device} target, Qt
Creator generates a Symbian installation system (SIS) file in the project folder
and copies it to the device that is connected to the development PC.
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\contentspage index.html
\previouspage creator-tool-chains.html
\previouspage creator-run-settings.html
\page creator-editor-settings.html
\nextpage creator-build-dependencies.html
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