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ProjectExplorer: Introduce shared settings support

Continuing the series... This patch is the one that actually
introduces the shared settings support. They are stored in a
.shared file. Details on how to make settings shared and how
the overall mechanism works are documented in the code.

Notice that currently no setting is actually shared yet. Those
should go into separate commits.

Change-Id: I53cc6b4e96d836b00faa422ef358103bd5065bae

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Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent 9433ad7d
......@@ -134,9 +134,22 @@ signals:
void aboutToSaveSettings();
// restore all data from the map.
// The methods toMap/fromMap are used for serialization of settings data. By default, all
// settings are saved in the .user file. For shared settings, one needs to explicitly
// specify which keys from a particular map should be saved in the .shared file. This is
// done in the following way:
// Note: Do not forget to call your base class' fromMap method!
// - Create an item in the map with the key SHARED_SETTINGS_KEYS_KEY and a QStringList
// as a value. If everything from this particular map should be shared simply add
// the unique item ALL_SETTINGS_KEYS_KEY to the QStringList. Otherwise, add to the
// QStringList the keys that should be shared.
// Notice that the sharing process is smart enough in terms of recursion and grouping of
// keys. This means that shared keys from deeply nested maps don't need to be propagated
// anyhow to the top-level map. Simply add them from within the map they actually belong.
// The other thing to notice is that shared keys are not really excluded from the user
// settings file. More details about that in the SettingsAcessor.
virtual bool fromMap(const QVariantMap &map);
virtual void setProjectContext(Core::Context context);
......@@ -217,6 +217,10 @@ const int QML_DEFAULT_DEBUG_SERVER_PORT = 3768;
// Default directory to run custom (build) commands in.
const char DEFAULT_WORKING_DIR[] = "%{buildDir}";
// Settings files keys
const char SHARED_SETTINGS_KEYS_KEY[] = "ProjectExplorer.SharedSettingsKeysKey";
const char ALL_SETTINGS_KEYS_KEY[] = "ProjectExplorer.AllSettingsKeysKey";
} // namespace Constants
} // namespace ProjectExplorer
......@@ -120,6 +120,8 @@ namespace {
const char VERSION_KEY[] = "ProjectExplorer.Project.Updater.FileVersion";
const char ENVIRONMENT_ID_KEY[] = "ProjectExplorer.Project.Updater.EnvironmentId";
const char USE_SHARED_SETTINGS[] = "UseSharedSettings";
// Version 0 is used in Qt Creator 1.3.x and
// (in a slighly different flavour) post 1.3 master.
class Version0Handler : public UserFileVersionHandler
......@@ -390,7 +392,13 @@ SettingsAccessor::SettingsAccessor() :
addVersionHandler(new Version0Handler);
addVersionHandler(new Version1Handler);
......@@ -415,16 +423,74 @@ SettingsAccessor *SettingsAccessor::instance()
return &acessor;
namespace {
// For the functions below, the full map must prepopulated with the user settings so it
// has the corresponding keys for the ones in the shared settings (remember that the
// shared settings are backedup in the user settings).
void mergeSharedSettings(QVariantMap *fullMap, const QVariantMap &sharedMap)
QVariantMap::const_iterator it = sharedMap.begin();
QVariantMap::const_iterator eit = sharedMap.end();
for (; it != eit; ++it) {
const QString &key = it.key();
QVariant value = it.value();
if (value.type() == QVariant::Map) {
const QVariant &correspondingValue = fullMap->value(key);
if (correspondingValue.type() != QVariant::Map) {
// This should happen only if the user manually changed the file in such a way.
QVariantMap nestedMap = correspondingValue.toMap();
mergeSharedSettings(&nestedMap, value.toMap());
value = nestedMap;
if (fullMap->contains(key))
fullMap->insert(key, value); // Replace with the shared setting.
void splitSharedSettings(QVariantMap *sharedMap, const QVariantMap &fullMap)
const QStringList &controlKey =
if (controlKey.size() == 1
&& == QLatin1String(Constants::ALL_SETTINGS_KEYS_KEY)) {
*sharedMap = fullMap;
} else {
const QSet<QString> &shared = QSet<QString>::fromList(controlKey);
QVariantMap::iterator it = fullMap.begin();
QVariantMap::iterator eit = fullMap.end();
for (; it != eit; ++it) {
const QString &key = it.key();
const QVariant &value = it.value();
if (shared.contains(key)) {
sharedMap->insert(key, value);
} else {
if (value.type() == QVariant::Map) {
QVariantMap nestedMap;
splitSharedSettings(&nestedMap, value.toMap());
if (!nestedMap.isEmpty())
sharedMap->insert(key, nestedMap);
} // Anonymous
QVariantMap SettingsAccessor::restoreSettings(Project *project) const
if (m_lastVersion < 0 || !project)
return QVariantMap();
SettingsData settings;
if (!m_userFileAcessor.readFile(project, &settings))
SettingsData userSettings;
if (!m_userFileAcessor.readFile(project, &userSettings))
return QVariantMap();
if (settings.m_version > SettingsAccessor::instance()->m_lastVersion + 1) {
if (userSettings.m_version > SettingsAccessor::instance()->m_lastVersion + 1) {
......@@ -442,7 +508,7 @@ QVariantMap SettingsAccessor::restoreSettings(Project *project) const
// Verify environment.
if (!verifyEnvironmentId(settings.m_map.value(QLatin1String(ENVIRONMENT_ID_KEY)).toString())) {
if (!verifyEnvironmentId(userSettings.m_map.value(QLatin1String(ENVIRONMENT_ID_KEY)).toString())) {
// TODO tr, casing check
QMessageBox msgBox(
......@@ -465,19 +531,72 @@ QVariantMap SettingsAccessor::restoreSettings(Project *project) const
// Do we need to generate a backup?
if (settings.m_version < m_lastVersion + 1 && !settings.m_usingBackup) {
const QString &backupFileName = settings.m_fileName
if (userSettings.m_version < m_lastVersion + 1 && !userSettings.m_usingBackup) {
const QString &backupFileName = userSettings.m_fileName
+ '.'
+ m_handlers.value(settings.m_version)->displayUserFileVersion();
+ m_handlers.value(userSettings.m_version)->displayUserFileVersion();
QFile::remove(backupFileName); // Remove because copy doesn't overwrite
QFile::copy(settings.m_fileName, backupFileName);
QFile::copy(userSettings.m_fileName, backupFileName);
// Time to restore the shared settings.
bool useSharedSettings = true;
int commonFileVersion = userSettings.m_version;
SettingsData sharedSettings;
if (m_sharedFileAcessor.readFile(project, &sharedSettings)) {
if (sharedSettings.m_version != userSettings.m_version) {
// At this point the user file version can only be <= Creator's version. This is not
// true for the shared file version. In the case the shared version is newer than
// Creator's we prompt the user whether we could try an *unsupported* update. This
// makes sense for the shared file since the merging operation will only replace the
// settings that actually match the corresponding ones in the user file.
if (sharedSettings.m_version > m_lastVersion + 1) {
QMessageBox msgBox(
"Unsupported Shared Settings File"),
"The version of your .shared file is not yet "
"supported. Qt Creator can still load it and "
"look for compatible settings (the file will "
"be overwritten).\n\n"
"Do you want to continue?\n\n"
"If you choose not to continue Qt Creator will "
"use the corresponding settings which are "
"backed-up in your .user file.\n\n"),
QMessageBox::Yes | QMessageBox::No,
if (msgBox.exec() == QMessageBox::No)
useSharedSettings = false;
commonFileVersion = m_lastVersion + 1;
} else {
commonFileVersion = qMax(userSettings.m_version, sharedSettings.m_version);
if (useSharedSettings) {
// We now update the user and shared settings so they are compatible.
for (int i = userSettings.m_version; i < commonFileVersion; ++i)
userSettings.m_map = m_handlers.value(i)->update(project, userSettings.m_map);
for (int i = sharedSettings.m_version; i < commonFileVersion; ++i)
sharedSettings.m_map = m_handlers.value(i)->update(project, sharedSettings.m_map);
// Update version.
for (int i = settings.m_version; i <= m_lastVersion; ++i)
settings.m_map = m_handlers.value(i)->update(project, settings.m_map);
QVariantMap mergeMap = userSettings.m_map;
if (useSharedSettings && !sharedSettings.m_map.isEmpty())
mergeSharedSettings(&mergeMap, sharedSettings.m_map);
project->setProperty(USE_SHARED_SETTINGS, useSharedSettings);
// Finally update from the common version to Creator's version.
for (int i = commonFileVersion; i <= m_lastVersion; ++i)
mergeMap = m_handlers.value(i)->update(project, mergeMap);
return settings.m_map;
return mergeMap;
bool SettingsAccessor::saveSettings(const Project *project, const QVariantMap &map) const
......@@ -486,7 +605,16 @@ bool SettingsAccessor::saveSettings(const Project *project, const QVariantMap &m
return false;
SettingsData settings(map);
return m_userFileAcessor.writeFile(project, &settings);
if (m_userFileAcessor.writeFile(project, &settings)) {
if (!project->property(USE_SHARED_SETTINGS).toBool())
return true;
SettingsData sharedSettings;
splitSharedSettings(&sharedSettings.m_map, map);
return m_sharedFileAcessor.writeFile(project, &sharedSettings);
return false;
void SettingsAccessor::addVersionHandler(UserFileVersionHandler *handler)
......@@ -536,9 +664,11 @@ bool SettingsAccessor::verifyEnvironmentId(const QString &id)
SettingsAccessor::FileAccessor::FileAccessor(const QByteArray &id,
const QString &defaultSuffix,
const QString &environmentSuffix,
bool envSpecific)
bool envSpecific,
bool versionStrict)
: m_id(id)
, m_environmentSpecific(envSpecific)
, m_versionStrict(versionStrict)
assignSuffix(defaultSuffix, environmentSuffix);
......@@ -636,6 +766,9 @@ bool SettingsAccessor::FileAccessor::readFile(Project *project,
// Get and verify file version
settings->m_version = settings->m_map.value(QLatin1String(VERSION_KEY), 0).toInt();
if (!m_versionStrict)
return true;
if (settings->m_version < SettingsAccessor::instance()->m_firstVersion) {
qWarning() << "Version" << settings->m_version << "in" << m_suffix << "too old.";
return false;
......@@ -44,6 +44,35 @@ namespace Internal {
class UserFileVersionHandler;
The SettingsAcessor
The SettingsAcessor currently persists a user-specific file and a shared file. By default
settings are user-specific and the shared ones are identified through the key
SHARED_SETTINGS_KEYS_KEY in the map. The corresponding value for this key must be a
QStringList containing the keys from this particular map that should be shared. As an aid,
if the QStringList contains a unique item ALL_SETTINGS_KEYS_KEY all keys from the map
are considered shared.
While we are very strict regarding versions from the user settings (we create backups for
old versions, always try to find the correct file, etc), this is not the same for the shared
files. When considering many usability aspects and issues like having them in repositories
(and unintenional overwrites when pulling), simply passing them around, matching their
version against the user version, it seems that the more simplistic approach would be the
best (at least for now).
The idea is that shared settings are never removed from the user settings file, they work
as a backup when the different "synchronization" issues arise. We then make sure that
whenever settings are restored we start with the user ones and eventually merge the shared
ones into the final map, replacing the corresponding ones in the user map (so the shared
ones take precedences). An analoguous behavior happens when saving the settings.
The main benefit of this approach is that we always try to use the shared settings. When
possible we run the version update handlers and make the shared settings compatible with
the user settings (or vice-versa). From that on it's transparent for handlers to update
the settings to the current Creator version (if it's the case) since it's just one map.
class SettingsAccessor
......@@ -80,7 +109,8 @@ private:
FileAccessor(const QByteArray &id,
const QString &defaultSuffix,
const QString &environmentSuffix,
bool envSpecific);
bool envSpecific,
bool versionStrict);
bool readFile(Project *project, SettingsData *settings) const;
bool writeFile(const Project *project, const SettingsData *settings) const;
......@@ -93,6 +123,7 @@ private:
QByteArray m_id;
QString m_suffix;
bool m_environmentSpecific;
bool m_versionStrict;
static bool verifyEnvironmentId(const QString &id);
......@@ -101,6 +132,7 @@ private:
int m_firstVersion;
int m_lastVersion;
const FileAccessor m_userFileAcessor;
const FileAccessor m_sharedFileAcessor;
} // namespace ProjectExplorer
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