Commit cc1c2b79 authored by Tim Jenssen's avatar Tim Jenssen
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QmlDesigner: remove old QtQuick 1 code

Change-Id: I23d28f768647feee7f13942a1510dac2fd8d0043
Reviewed-by: default avatarThomas Hartmann <>
parent 4af9cad3
......@@ -445,8 +445,6 @@ QString PropertyEditorQmlBackend::fixTypeNameForPanes(const QString &typeName)
QString PropertyEditorQmlBackend::qmlFileName(const NodeMetaInfo &nodeInfo)
if (nodeInfo.typeName().split('.').last() == "QDeclarativeItem")
return "QtQuick/ItemPane.qml";
const QString fixedTypeName = fixTypeNameForPanes(nodeInfo.typeName());
return fixedTypeName + QStringLiteral("Pane.qml");
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