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Doc: debugger settings were moved to the Debuggers tab.

You just select from a list of debuggers in the Kits tab, now.

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......@@ -363,13 +363,10 @@
\li Select an automatically created kit in the list, and then select
\gui Clone to create a copy of the kit.
\li In the \gui Debugger field, select \gui Edit to change the
automatically detected debugger to LLDB Engine.
\li In the \gui Engine field, select \gui {LLDB Engine}.
\li Select \gui Choose to set the path to the LLDB engine in the
\gui Binary field.
\li In the \gui Debugger field, select an LLDB Engine. If an LLDB Engine
is not listed, select \gui Manage to add it in \gui Tools >
\gui Options > \gui {Build & Run} > \gui Debuggers. For more
information, see \l {Adding Debuggers}.
\li To use the debugger, add the kit in the \gui {Build Settings}
of the project.
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