Commit d007c500 authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning
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Squish: Reworked tst_qml_indent

- updated line selected for changed template
- added xfail for indented empty lines
- using automatic removal of blanks when saving
- made global variable local

Change-Id: I87205c69652f236767d6551b96bfd7960f39a02e
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent 8f619675
......@@ -35,26 +35,27 @@ def main():
# using a temporary directory won't mess up a potentially existing
createNewQtQuickApplication(tempDir(), "untitled")
if not prepareQmlFile():
originalText = prepareQmlFile()
if not originalText:
invokeMenuItem("File", "Save All")
invokeMenuItem("File", "Exit")
invokeMenuItem("File", "Save All")
invokeMenuItem("File", "Exit")
def prepareQmlFile():
if not openDocument("untitled.QML.qml.main\\.qml"):
test.fatal("Could not open main.qml")
return False
return None
editor = waitForObject(":Qt Creator_QmlJSEditor::QmlJSTextEditorWidget")
for i in range(3):
content = "%s" % editor.plainText
start = content.find("Text {")
if not placeCursorToLine(editor, "Text {"):
start = content.find("MouseArea {")
if not placeCursorToLine(editor, "MouseArea {"):
test.fatal("Couldn't find line(s) I'm looking for - QML file seems to "
"have changed!\nLeaving test...")
return False
return None
type(editor, "<Right>")
type(editor, "<Up>")
# mark until the end of file
......@@ -67,27 +68,32 @@ def prepareQmlFile():
type(editor, "<Ctrl+C>")
for j in range(10):
type(editor, "<Ctrl+V>")
global originalText
# assume the current editor content to be indented correctly
originalText = "%s" % editor.plainText
indented = editor.plainText
lines = str(indented).splitlines()
test.log("Using %d lines..." % len(lines))
editor.plainText = "\n".join([line.lstrip() for line in lines]) + "\n"
return True
return originalText
def testReIndent():
global originalText
def testReIndent(originalText):
editor = waitForObject(":Qt Creator_QmlJSEditor::QmlJSTextEditorWidget")
correctIndented = len(originalText)
incorrectIndented = correctIndented + 4004
type(editor, "<Ctrl+A>")
test.log("calling re-indent")
starttime = datetime.utcnow()
type(editor, "<Ctrl+I>")
waitFor("originalText == str(editor.plainText)", 25000)
waitFor("len(str(editor.plainText)) in (incorrectIndented, correctIndented)", 25000)
endtime = datetime.utcnow()
test.xverify(originalText == str(editor.plainText),
"Verify that indenting restored the original text. "
"This may fail when empty lines are being indented.")
invokeMenuItem("File", "Save All")
waitFor("originalText == str(editor.plainText)", 25000)
textAfterReIndent = "%s" % editor.plainText
if originalText==textAfterReIndent:
test.passes("Text successfully re-indented within %d seconds" % (endtime-starttime).seconds)
test.passes("Text successfully re-indented after saving (indentation took: %d seconds)" % (endtime-starttime).seconds)
# shrink the texts - it's huge output that takes long time to finish & screenshot is taken as well
originalText = shrinkText(originalText, 20)
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