Commit d0dfea5a authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: disable some warning, add FIXME

parent de23834f
......@@ -2089,7 +2089,10 @@ void GdbEngine::extractDataFromInfoBreak(const QString &output, BreakpointData *
data->bpLineNumber = re.cap(4);
QString full = fullName(re.cap(3));
if (full.isEmpty()) {
qDebug() << "NO FULL NAME KNOWN FOR" << re.cap(3);
// FIXME: This happens without UsePreciseBreakpoints regularily.
// We need to revive that "fill full name mapping bit by bit"
// approach of 1.2.x
//qDebug() << "NO FULL NAME KNOWN FOR" << re.cap(3);
full = cleanupFullName(re.cap(3));
if (full.isEmpty()) {
qDebug() << "FILE IS NOT RESOLVABLE" << re.cap(3);
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