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Doc: Add docs for SCXML Editor

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......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ imagedirs = $SRCDIR/images \
$SRCDIR/../src/plugins/projectexplorer/images \
$SRCDIR/../src/plugins/qmldesigner/components/formeditor \
$SRCDIR/../src/plugins/qmldesigner/components/navigator \
$SRCDIR/../src/plugins/scxmleditor/common/images \
outputdir = $OUTDIR
......@@ -92,6 +92,15 @@
Modeling Language (UML) style models with structured diagrams and
store them in XML format.
\li \l{Editing State Charts}
You can use \QC to create applications that embed state machines. A
project wizard creates \l{}
{State Chart XML (SCXML)} files with boilerplate code that you can
edit using an experimental SCXML editor. You can use the classes in
the Qt SCXML module to embed state machines created from the files
in Qt applications.
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
\contentspage {Qt Creator Manual}
\previouspage creator-mime-types.html
\page creator-modeling.html
\nextpage creator-building-running.html
\nextpage creator-scxml.html
\title Modeling
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......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@
\contentspage {Qt Creator Manual}
\previouspage creator-modeling.html
\previouspage creator-scxml.html
\page creator-building-running.html
\nextpage creator-building-targets.html
......@@ -84,6 +84,7 @@
\li \l{Refactoring}
\li \l{Configuring the Editor}
\li \l{Modeling}
\li \l{Editing State Charts}
\li \inlineimage creator_buildingrunning.png
......@@ -227,6 +228,8 @@
\li \l{Editing MIME Types}
\li \l{Modeling}
\li \l{Editing State Charts}
\li \l{Building and Running}
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