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Doc: Describe general build and run options

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Select toolbar buttons to run applications, to attach the debugger to the
running application, and to stop running or debugging.
To specify settings for displaying application output, select
\uicontrol Tools > \uicontrol Options > \uicontrol {Build & Run} >
\uicontrol General. You can select whether to open the
\uicontrol{Application Output} pane on output when running or debugging
applications, to clear old output on a new run, to word-wrap output, and to
limit output to the specified number of lines.
\section2 Compile Output
The \uicontrol{Compile Output} pane provides all output from the compiler.
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Select the \uicontrol {Cancel Build} button to cancel the build.
To specify whether to open the \uicontrol {Compile Output} pane on output
when building applications, select \uicontrol Tools > \uicontrol Options >
\uicontrol {Build & Run} > \uicontrol General, and then select the
\uicontrol {Open Compile Output pane when building} check box.
\section2 Debugger Console
In the \uicontrol {Debugger Console}, you can type JavaScript expressions and use them to get
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\image qtcreator-project-options-deploy.png "Project General Options"
On Windows, you can use \c jom instead of \c nmake for building the project
to distribute the compilation process to multiple CPU cores. You can download
\c jom from \l{}{Qt Downloads}.
To use \c jom, select the \uicontrol {Use jom instead of nmake} check box.
Deselect the check box if you experience build problems.
You can specify the default build directory in the
\uicontrol {Default build directory} field using \QC variables (2).
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