Commit d3bc2aab authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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Fixes: debugger: make "always all" the default for loading debug

Details:  the user should make a conscious decision to switch it off
parent f338c4ee
......@@ -943,11 +943,11 @@ void DebuggerPlugin::readSettings()
m->m_useToolTips = s->value("UseToolTips", false).toBool();
m->m_pluginAllBreakpoints =
s->value("AllPluginBreakpoints", false).toBool();
s->value("AllPluginBreakpoints", true).toBool();
m->m_pluginSelectedBreakpoints =
s->value("SelectedPluginBreakpoints", false).toBool();
m->m_pluginNoBreakpoints =
s->value("NoPluginBreakpoints", true).toBool();
s->value("NoPluginBreakpoints", false).toBool();
m->m_pluginSelectedBreakpointsPattern =
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