Commit d499e95e authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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Trk: Show options page only depending on environment variable.

parent 603630fa
......@@ -4298,7 +4298,8 @@ IDebuggerEngine *createSymbianEngine(DebuggerManager *parent,
QSharedPointer<TrkOptions> options(new TrkOptions);
opts->push_back(new TrkOptionsPage(options));
if (!qgetenv("QTCREATOR_WITH_S60").isEmpty())
opts->push_back(new TrkOptionsPage(options));
TrkGdbAdapter *adapter = new TrkGdbAdapter(options);
GdbEngine *engine = new GdbEngine(parent, adapter);
QObject::connect(adapter, SIGNAL(output(QString)),
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