Commit d5f30803 authored by Daniel Molkentin's avatar Daniel Molkentin
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Fix doc links to tips of the day, remove some to minimize l10n breakage.

Reviewed-by: Leena Miettinen
parent 2f43d5c3
......@@ -384,15 +384,11 @@ QStringList GettingStartedWelcomePageWidget::tipsOfTheDay()
tr("Ctrl", "Shortcut key");
tips.append(tr("You can switch between Qt Creator's modes using <tt>Ctrl+number</tt>:<ul>"
"<li>1 - Welcome</li><li>2 - Edit</li><li>3 - Debug</li><li>4 - Projects</li><li>5 - Help</li></ul>"));
//:%1 gets replaced by Alt (Win/Unix) or Cmd (Mac)
tips.append(tr("You can show and hide the side bar using <tt>%1+0<tt>.").arg(altShortcut));
tips.append(tr("You can fine tune the <tt>Find</tt> function by selecting &quot;Whole Words&quot; "
"or &quot;Case Sensitive&quot;. Simply click on the icons on the right end of the line edit."));
tips.append(tr("If you add <a href=\"qthelp://\""
">external libraries</a>, Qt Creator will automatically offer syntax highlighting "
tips.append(tr("If you add external libraries to your project, Qt Creator will automatically offer syntax highlighting "
"and code completion."));
tips.append(tr("The code completion is CamelCase-aware. For example, to complete <tt>namespaceUri</tt> "
"you can just type <tt>nU</tt> and hit <tt>Ctrl+Space</tt>."));
......@@ -407,9 +403,9 @@ QStringList GettingStartedWelcomePageWidget::tipsOfTheDay()
tips.append(tr("You can quickly search methods, classes, help and more using the "
"<a href=\"qthelp://\">Locator bar</a> (<tt>%1+K</tt>).").arg(ctrlShortcut));
tips.append(tr("You can add custom build steps in the "
"<a href=\"qthelp://\">build settings</a>."));
"<a href=\"qthelp://\">build settings</a>."));
tips.append(tr("Within a session, you can add "
"<a href=\"qthelp://\">dependencies</a> between projects."));
"<a href=\"qthelp://\">dependencies</a> between projects."));
tips.append(tr("You can set the preferred editor encoding for every project in <tt>Projects -> Editor Settings -> Default Encoding</tt>."));
tips.append(tr("You can use Qt Creator with a number of <a href=\"qthelp://\">"
"revision control systems</a> such as Subversion, Perforce, CVS and Git."));
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