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......@@ -84,4 +84,20 @@
However, this automatic dumping is a fallback mechanism with many points of
failure and you cannot rely upon it.
\section1 Running QML Modules in Qt Quick Designer
\QMLD uses a QML emulation layer (also called QML Puppet) to render and
preview images and to collect data. To be able to render custom types
correctly from QML modules, the emulation layer must be built with the same
Qt version as the QML modules.
By default, the emulation layer is provided by \QC and built with the same
Qt version as \QC. Therefore, your QML modules will mostly not work out of
the box.
To use an emulation layer that is built with the Qt
configured in the build and run kit for the project, deselect the
\gui {Always use the QML emulation layer provided by Qt Creator} check box.
\QC builds the emulation layer when you select the \gui Design mode.
......@@ -66,15 +66,15 @@
\section2 Configuring Qt Designer Plugins on OS X
On the Mac, a GUI application must be built and run from a bundle. A bundle
On OS X, a GUI application must be built and run from a bundle. A bundle
is a directory structure that appears as a single entity when viewed in the
Finder. A bundle for an application typcially contains the executable and
all the resources it needs.
\QC uses its own set of Qt Libraries located in the bundle, and therefore,
you need to configure the \QD plugins that you want to use with \QC.
Fore more information about how to deploy applications to Mac OS, see
\l{Qt for Mac OS X - Deployment}.
Fore more information about how to deploy applications to OS X, see
\l{Qt for OS X - Deployment}.
The following example illustrates how to configure version 5.2.1 of the
\l{}{Qwt - Qt Widgets for Technical Applications}
......@@ -479,12 +479,18 @@ QList<ILocatorFilter *> LocatorWidget::filtersFor(const QString &text, QString &
void LocatorWidget::updateCompletionList(const QString &text)
m_updateRequested = true;
QString searchText;
const QList<ILocatorFilter *> filters = filtersFor(text, searchText);
// cancel the old future
if (m_entriesWatcher->future().isRunning()) {
// Cancel the old future. We may not just block the UI thread to wait for the search to
// actually cancel, so try again when the finshed signal of the watcher ends up in
// updateEntries() (which will call updateCompletionList again with the
// requestedCompletionText)
m_requestedCompletionText = text;
QString searchText;
const QList<ILocatorFilter *> filters = filtersFor(text, searchText);
QFuture<LocatorFilterEntry> future = QtConcurrent::run(runSearch, filters, searchText);
......@@ -493,8 +499,9 @@ void LocatorWidget::updateEntries()
m_updateRequested = false;
if (m_entriesWatcher->future().isCanceled()) {
// reset to usable state
m_acceptRequested = false;
const QString text = m_requestedCompletionText;
......@@ -94,6 +94,7 @@ private:
QTimer *m_showPopupTimer;
QFutureWatcher<LocatorFilterEntry> *m_entriesWatcher;
QMap<Core::Id, QAction *> m_filterActionMap;
QString m_requestedCompletionText;
bool m_updateRequested;
bool m_acceptRequested;
bool m_possibleToolTipRequest;
......@@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ bool isOwnershipRAIIType(CPlusPlus::Symbol *symbol, const LookupContext &context
bool isValidAsciiIdentifierChar(const QChar &ch)
return ch.isLetterOrNumber() || ch == QLatin1Char(' ');
return ch.isLetterOrNumber() || ch == QLatin1Char('_');
bool isValidFirstIdentifierChar(const QChar &ch)
......@@ -131,6 +131,16 @@
using namespace Core;
using namespace Utils;
static QString QString_toUpper(const QString &str)
return str.toUpper();
static QString QString_toLower(const QString &str)
return str.toLower();
namespace TextEditor {
namespace Internal {
This diff is collapsed.
#import "../coresimulator/coresimulator.h"
// Generated by class-dump 3.5 (64 bit).
......@@ -242,6 +244,8 @@ typedef void (^CDUnknownBlockType)(void); // return type and parameters are unkn
@property(copy) DTiPhoneSimulatorSystemRoot *simulatedSystemRoot; // @synthesize simulatedSystemRoot=_simulatedSystemRoot;
@property(copy) NSString *localizedClientName; // @synthesize localizedClientName=_localizedClientName;
@property BOOL launchForBackgroundFetch; // @synthesize launchForBackgroundFetch=_launchForBackgroundFetch;
@property(retain) SimDevice *device; // @synthesize device=_device;
@property(retain) SimRuntime *runtime; // @synthesize runtime=_runtime;
- (id)description;
- (id)copyWithZone:(struct _NSZone *)arg1;
- (id)init;
......@@ -263,6 +267,7 @@ typedef void (^CDUnknownBlockType)(void); // return type and parameters are unkn
@property(copy) NSString *sdkDisplayName; // @synthesize sdkDisplayName;
@property(copy) NSString *sdkVersion; // @synthesize sdkVersion;
@property(copy) NSString *sdkRootPath; // @synthesize sdkRootPath;
@property(readonly) SimRuntime *runtime; // @synthesize runtime=_runtime;
- (id)description;
- (long long)compare:(id)arg1;
- (id)copyWithZone:(struct _NSZone *)arg1;
......@@ -50,7 +50,8 @@ HEADERS += \
nsprintf.h \
nsstringexpandpath.h \
version.h \
dvtiphonesimulatorremoteclient/dvtiphonesimulatorremoteclient.h \
......@@ -24,6 +24,8 @@
BOOL alreadyPrintedData;
BOOL retinaDevice;
BOOL tallDevice;
BOOL is64BitDevice;
NSString *deviceTypeId;
- (id)init;
......@@ -34,6 +36,7 @@
- (void)removeStdioFIFO:(NSFileHandle *)fileHandle atPath:(NSString *)path;
- (void)stop;
- (void)doExit:(int)errorCode;
- (NSString*)changeDeviceType:(NSString *)family retina:(BOOL)retina isTallDevice:(BOOL)isTallDevice;
- (SimDevice*) findDeviceWithFamily:(NSString *)family retina:(BOOL)retina isTallDevice:(BOOL)isTallDevice is64Bit:(BOOL)is64Bit;
- (NSString*)changeDeviceType:(NSString *)family retina:(BOOL)retina isTallDevice:(BOOL)isTallDevice is64Bit:(BOOL)is64Bit;
#define IOS_SIM_VERSION "1.9.0"
#define IOS_SIM_VERSION "2.0.1"
......@@ -149,6 +149,7 @@ def checkSymbolCompletion(editor, isClangCodeModel):
propShown = waitFor("object.exists(':popupFrame_TextEditor::GenericProposalWidget')", 2500) propShown, symbol in missing,
"Proposal widget is (not) shown as expected (%s)" % symbol)
found = []
if propShown:
proposalListView = waitForObject(':popupFrame_Proposal_QListView')
found = dumpItems(proposalListView.model())
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