Commit d8535a23 authored by Christian Kamm's avatar Christian Kamm
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QmlJSEditor: Update snippets for Qml changes.

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-1032
Reviewed-by: Erik Verbruggen
parent 9402fad7
......@@ -70,23 +70,23 @@
<snippet description="matchTargets">NumberAnimation { matchTargets: "<tab>name</tab>"; matchProperties: "<tab>name</tab>"; duration: <tab>200</tab> }
<snippet description="with targets">NumberAnimation { targets: [<tab>name</tab>]; properties: "<tab>name</tab>"; duration: <tab>200</tab> }
<snippet description="target">NumberAnimation { target: "<tab>name</tab>"; property: "<tab>name</tab>"; value: <tab>name</tab>; duration: <tab>200</tab> }
<snippet description="with target">NumberAnimation { target: <tab>name</tab>; property: "<tab>name</tab>"; to: <tab>value</tab>; duration: <tab>200</tab> }
<snippet>PropertyAction { matchTargets: "<tab>name</tab>"; matchProperties: "<tab>name</tab>"; duration: <tab>200</tab> }
<snippet description="with targets">PropertyAction { targets: [<tab>name</tab>]; properties: "<tab>name</tab>" }
<snippet>PropertyAction { target: "<tab>name</tab>"; property: "<tab>name</tab>"; value: <tab>name</tab>; duration: <tab>200</tab> }
<snippet description="with target">PropertyAction { target: "<tab>name</tab>"; property: "<tab>name</tab>"; value: <tab>value</tab> }
<snippet>PauseAnimation { duration: <tab>name</tab>}
<snippet>PauseAnimation { duration: <tab>200</tab> }
<snippet>ColorAnimation { from: <tab>name</tab>; to: <tab>color</tab>; duration: <tab>200</tab> }
<snippet>ColorAnimation { from: <tab>color</tab>; to: <tab>color</tab>; duration: <tab>200</tab> }
<snippet>effect: Colorize { color: "<tab>color</tab>" }
<snippet description="Colorize">effect: Colorize { color: "<tab>color</tab>" }
<snippet>effect: Blur { blurRadius: "<tab>200</tab>" }
<snippet description="Blur">effect: Blur { blurRadius: "<tab>200</tab>" }
<snippet>effect: DropShadow {
<snippet description="DropShadow">effect: DropShadow {
blurRadius: <tab>3</tab>
offset.x: <tab>2</tab>
offset.y: <tab>2</tab>
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