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......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@
To deselect, use \key{Ctrl+Shift+U}.
\i Moving lines up and down
\i Completion
......@@ -246,7 +246,17 @@
\i Switch between Header and Source
\i Use \key{F4}.
\i Increasing and Decreasing Font Size
\i Use \key{Ctrl+Scroll Wheel}
\i Follow Symbols under The Cursor
\i Use \key{F2} and \key{Shift+F2}. This feature works with
namespaces, classes, methods, variables, include statements,
and macros.
......@@ -256,12 +266,6 @@
Up/Down/Page Up/Page Down - hold ctrl to prevent the cursor from moving
F2 and Shift F2 - follows symbols under the cursor (works for namespaces, classes, methods, variables, includes, macros).
F4 - switch header and source
Ctrl + Scroll wheel -- used to quickly change the font size (handy for presentatiaons)
To switch to an external editor, select \gui{Open in external editor} from
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