Commit df616897 authored by hjk's avatar hjk Committed by Leena Miettinen

fakevim: mention comma escape in documentation

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......@@ -2283,8 +2283,12 @@
Text Editor > Fonts & Color}. In the \gui {Color Scheme} list, select
\gui {Vim (dark)}.
To quit the FakeVim mode, click \gui {Quit FakeVim} or press
To quit the FakeVim mode, unselect \gui{Tools} > \gui(Options...} >
\gui{FakeVim} > \gui {Use FakeVim} or press \key{Alt+V,Alt+V}.
You can temporarily escape FakeVim mode to access the normal Qt Creator
keyboard shortcuts like \key{Ctrl-R} for \gui{Run} by pressing
\key{,} first.
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