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\title The Code Editor
### SCREENSHOT of the editor in action
Qt Creator's code editor is designed to aid the developer to create, edit,
and navigate code. It is fully equipped with syntax highlighting, code
completion, context sensitive help, as well as inline error indicators
while you are typing. The screenshots below show the various dialogs within
which you can configure your editor.
\i \inlineimage qtcreator-texteditor-general.png
\i \inlineimage qtcreator-texteditor-fonts.png
\i \inlineimage qtcreator-texteditor-completion.png
The table below lists keyboard shortcuts supported by the code editor.
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\i Indenting Blocks
\i Use \key{Ctrl+I}
\i Collapse
\i Use \key{Ctrl+\<}
\i Commenting or uncommenting blocks
\i Use \key{Ctrl+\/}
\i Delete a line
\i Use \key{Shift+Del}
\i Switch between header file and source file
\i Use \key{F4}.
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\i Use \key{F2} and \key{Shift+F2}. This feature works with
namespaces, classes, methods, variables, include statements,
and macros.
Up/Down/Page Up/Page Down - hold ctrl to prevent the cursor from moving
To switch to an external editor, select \gui{Open in external editor} from
the \gui{Edit -> Advanced} menu.
\i Switch to an external editor
\i Select \gui{Open in external editor} from the
\gui{Edit -> Advanced} menu.
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