Commit e25f1c5a authored by Thomas Hartmann's avatar Thomas Hartmann
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QmlJS: QmlDesigner warnings should be warnings

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-10898
Change-Id: I6d8a1b1523d72950fad25eb8545c24085552b226
Reviewed-by: default avatarFawzi Mohamed <>
parent dc04d92a
......@@ -210,14 +210,14 @@ StaticAnalysisMessages::StaticAnalysisMessages()
tr("%1 elements expected in array value."), 1);
newMsg(WarnImperativeCodeNotEditableInVisualDesigner, Error,
tr("Imperative code is not supported in the Qt Quick Designer."));
newMsg(WarnUnsupportedTypeInVisualDesigner, Error,
newMsg(WarnUnsupportedTypeInVisualDesigner, Warning,
tr("This type is not supported in the Qt Quick Designer."));
newMsg(WarnReferenceToParentItemNotSupportedByVisualDesigner, Error,
tr("Reference to parent item cannot be resolved correctly by the Qt Quick Designer."));
newMsg(WarnUndefinedValueForVisualDesigner, Error,
newMsg(WarnUndefinedValueForVisualDesigner, Warning,
tr("This visual property binding cannot be evaluated in the local context "
"and might not show up in Qt Quick Designer as expected."));
newMsg(WarnStatesOnlyInRootItemForVisualDesigner, Error,
newMsg(WarnStatesOnlyInRootItemForVisualDesigner, Warning,
tr("Qt Quick Designer only supports states in the root item."));
newMsg(WarnAboutQtQuick1InsteadQtQuick2, Warning,
tr("Using Qt Quick 1 code model instead of Qt Quick 2."));
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