Commit e2cdb36a authored by dt's avatar dt
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Fixes Symbian build directory on the target setup page

parent b7decc13
......@@ -126,17 +126,8 @@ Qt4BaseTarget *Qt4SymbianTargetFactory::restore(ProjectExplorer::Project *parent
QString Qt4SymbianTargetFactory::defaultShadowBuildDirectory(const QString &projectLocation, const QString &id)
QString shortName = QLatin1String("unknown");
if (id == QLatin1String(Constants::S60_EMULATOR_TARGET_ID))
shortName = QLatin1String("symbian_emulator");
else if (id == QLatin1String(Constants::S60_DEVICE_TARGET_ID))
shortName = QLatin1String("symbian");
// currently we can't have the build directory to be deeper than the source directory
// since that is broken in qmake
// Once qmake is fixed we can change that to have a top directory and
// subdirectories per build. (Replacing "QChar('-')" with "QChar('/') )
return projectLocation + QChar('-') + shortName;
// should not be called from anywhere, since we override Qt4BaseTarget::defaultBuldDirectory()
return QString();
QList<BuildConfigurationInfo> Qt4SymbianTargetFactory::availableBuildConfigurations(const QString &id, const QString &proFilePath, const QtVersionNumber &minimumQtVersion)
......@@ -149,7 +140,7 @@ QList<BuildConfigurationInfo> Qt4SymbianTargetFactory::availableBuildConfigurati
bool buildAll = version->defaultBuildConfig() & QtVersion::BuildAll;
QtVersion::QmakeBuildConfigs config = buildAll ? QtVersion::BuildAll : QtVersion::QmakeBuildConfig(0);
QString dir = defaultShadowBuildDirectory(Qt4Project::defaultTopLevelBuildDirectory(proFilePath), id);
QString dir = QFileInfo(proFilePath).absolutePath(), id);
if (id == Constants::S60_EMULATOR_TARGET_ID) {
infos.append(BuildConfigurationInfo(version, config | QtVersion::DebugBuild, QString(), dir));
} else {
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