Commit e3093103 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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debugger: remove macro from breakhandler/h

parent 5209b396
......@@ -520,7 +520,7 @@ PROPERTY(QString, functionName, setFunctionName)
PROPERTY(BreakpointType, type, setType)
PROPERTY(QByteArray, threadSpec, setThreadSpec)
PROPERTY(QByteArray, condition, setCondition)
PROPERTY(int, lineNumber, setLineNumber)
GETTER(int, lineNumber)
PROPERTY(quint64, address, setAddress)
PROPERTY(int, ignoreCount, setIgnoreCount)
......@@ -100,20 +100,23 @@ public:
// Getter retrieves property value.
// Setter sets property value and triggers update if changed.
#define PROPERTY(type, getter, setter) \
type getter(BreakpointId id) const; \
void setter(BreakpointId id, const type &value);
PROPERTY(bool, useFullPath, setUseFullPath)
PROPERTY(QByteArray, condition, setCondition)
PROPERTY(int, ignoreCount, setIgnoreCount)
PROPERTY(QByteArray, threadSpec, setThreadSpec)
PROPERTY(QString, fileName, setFileName)
PROPERTY(QString, functionName, setFunctionName)
PROPERTY(BreakpointType, type, setType);
PROPERTY(quint64, address, setAddress);
PROPERTY(int, lineNumber, setLineNumber);
bool useFullPath(BreakpointId id) const;
void setUseFullPath(BreakpointId, const bool &on);
QByteArray condition(BreakpointId id) const;
void setCondition(BreakpointId, const QByteArray &condition);
int ignoreCount(BreakpointId id) const;
void setIgnoreCount(BreakpointId, const int &count);
QByteArray threadSpec(BreakpointId id) const;
void setThreadSpec(BreakpointId, const QByteArray &spec);
QString fileName(BreakpointId id) const;
void setFileName(BreakpointId, const QString &fileName);
QString functionName(BreakpointId id) const;
void setFunctionName(BreakpointId, const QString &functionName);
BreakpointType type(BreakpointId id) const;
void setType(BreakpointId id, const BreakpointType &type);
quint64 address(BreakpointId id) const;
void setAddress(BreakpointId id, const quint64 &address);
int lineNumber(BreakpointId id) const;
void setBreakpointData(BreakpointId id, const BreakpointParameters &data);
const BreakpointParameters &breakpointData(BreakpointId id) const;
BreakpointState state(BreakpointId id) const;
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