Commit e36fa121 authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint

Symbian: Fix error reporting.

parent bbe9c6c0
......@@ -1051,12 +1051,13 @@ void CodaGdbAdapter::startAdapter()
m_codaDevice = SymbianUtils::SymbianDeviceManager::instance()
bool ok = !m_codaDevice.isNull() && m_codaDevice->device()->isOpen();
const bool ok = !m_codaDevice.isNull() && m_codaDevice->device()->isOpen();
if (!ok) {
QString msg = QString("Couldn't open serial device %1")
if (m_codaDevice)
msg.append(QString(": %1").arg(m_codaDevice->device()->errorString()));
const QString reason = m_codaDevice.isNull() ?
tr("Could not obtain device.") :
const QString msg = QString("Could not open serial device '%1': %2")
.arg(parameters.remoteChannel, reason);
logMessage(msg, LogError);
m_engine->handleAdapterStartFailed(msg, QString());
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