Commit e4659039 authored by Friedemann Kleint's avatar Friedemann Kleint
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Debugger[CDB]: Prevent debugger log from showing.

caused by overlapping flags and thus 'Stop at breakpoint'
being reported as an error.
parent 45844197
......@@ -1561,13 +1561,13 @@ enum StopActionFlags
// Report options
StopReportLog = 0x1,
StopReportStatusMessage = 0x2,
StopReportParseError = 0x2,
StopShowExceptionMessageBox = 0x4,
StopReportParseError = 0x4,
StopShowExceptionMessageBox = 0x8,
// Notify stop or just continue
StopNotifyStop = 0x8,
StopIgnoreContinue = 0x10,
StopNotifyStop = 0x10,
StopIgnoreContinue = 0x20,
// Hit on break in artificial stop thread (created by DebugBreak()).
StopInArtificialThread = 0x20
StopInArtificialThread = 0x40
unsigned CdbEngine::examineStopReason(const QByteArray &messageIn,
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