Commit e6be1526 authored by Oswald Buddenhagen's avatar Oswald Buddenhagen
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make fullname parsing on windows less optimistic

seems like gdb 6.8 isn't any better than 6.4 wrt file name

Reviewed-By: hjk
parent c17dff42
...@@ -1319,16 +1319,12 @@ QString GdbEngine::fullName(const QString &fileName) ...@@ -1319,16 +1319,12 @@ QString GdbEngine::fullName(const QString &fileName)
QString GdbEngine::cleanupFullName(const QString &fileName) QString GdbEngine::cleanupFullName(const QString &fileName)
{ {
QTC_ASSERT(!fileName.isEmpty(), return QString()) QTC_ASSERT(!fileName.isEmpty(), return QString())
if (m_gdbVersion < 60800) { // Gdb on windows often delivers "fullnames" which
// The symbian gdb 6.4 seems to deliver "fullnames" which // a) have no drive letter and b) are not normalized.
// a) have no drive letter and b) are not normalized. QFileInfo fi(fileName);
QFileInfo fi(fileName); if (!fi.isReadable())
if (!fi.isReadable()) return QString();
return QString(); return QDir::cleanPath(fi.absoluteFilePath());
return QDir::cleanPath(fi.absoluteFilePath());
} else {
return fileName;
} }
#endif #endif
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