Commit e70ad815 authored by Joe Hermaszewski's avatar Joe Hermaszewski Committed by hjk
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debugging unique_ptr now casts to the dynamic_type of the object

Change-Id: Ic1c7cd0003945ab919bba969b5c6a985ea7e7f90
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 78f5abf9
......@@ -1900,14 +1900,16 @@ def qdump__std__string(d, value):
def qdump__std__unique_ptr(d, value):
i = value["_M_t"]["_M_head_impl"]
if isNull(i):
d.putValue( "(null)" )
i = expensiveUpcast(i)
d.putValue( "@0x%x" % long(i) )
with Children(d,1):
d.putSubItem("data", i.dereference())
with Children(d, 1):
d.putSubItem("data", i)
def qedit__std__vector(expr, value):
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