Commit e767fb28 authored by Lukas Holecek's avatar Lukas Holecek Committed by hjk
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fakevim: Improved mappings handling

Implemented special key names (e.g. <left>, <space>, <leader>,

Disallow mapping with <nop>.

Change-Id: I8f4cdc84cb469db0b5cddd9059484cce7aa1b17f
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent fc5df4b2
......@@ -699,3 +699,120 @@ void FakeVimPlugin::test_vim_undo_redo()
KEYS("jlllSxyz<ESC>", "abc" N "xyz" N "ghi");
KEYS("u", "abc" N " " X "def" N "ghi");
void FakeVimPlugin::test_map()
TestData data;
data.setText("abc def");
data.doCommand("map C i<space>x<space><esc>");
data.doCommand("map c iXXX");
data.doCommand("imap c YYY<space>");
KEYS("C", " x" X " abc def");
data.doCommand("map C <nop>");
KEYS("C", " x" X " abc def");
data.doCommand("map C i<bs><esc><right>");
KEYS("C", " " X " abc def");
KEYS("ccc<esc>", " XXXYYY YYY" X " abc def");
// unmap
KEYS(":unmap c<cr>ccc<esc>", "YYY" X " ");
KEYS(":iunmap c<cr>ccc<esc>", X "c");
data.doCommand("unmap C");
data.setText("abc def");
data.doCommand("imap x (((<space><right><right>)))<esc>");
KEYS("x", X "bc def");
KEYS("ix", "((( bc))" X ") def");
data.doCommand("iunmap x");
data.setText("abc def");
data.doCommand("map <c-right> 3l");
KEYS("<C-Right>", "abc" X " def");
KEYS("<C-Right>", "abc de" X "f");
// map vs. noremap
data.setText("abc def");
data.doCommand("map x 3l");
data.doCommand("map X x");
KEYS("X", "abc" X " def");
data.doCommand("noremap X x");
KEYS("X", "abc" X "def");
data.doCommand("unmap X");
data.doCommand("unmap x");
// limit number of recursions in mappings
data.doCommand("map X Y");
data.doCommand("map Y Z");
data.doCommand("map Z X");
KEYS("X", "abc" X "def");
data.doCommand("map Z i<space><esc>");
KEYS("X", "abc" X " def");
data.doCommand("unmap X");
data.doCommand("unmap Y");
data.doCommand("unmap Z");
// imcomplete mapping
data.doCommand("map Xa ia<esc>");
data.doCommand("map Xb ib<esc>");
data.doCommand("map X ic<esc>");
KEYS("Xa", X "aabc");
KEYS("Xb", X "baabc");
KEYS("Xic<esc>", X "ccbaabc");
// unmap
data.doCommand("unmap Xa");
KEYS("Xa<esc>", X "cccbaabc");
data.doCommand("unmap Xb");
KEYS("Xb", X "ccccbaabc");
data.doCommand("unmap X");
KEYS("Xb", X "ccccbaabc");
KEYS("X<esc>", X "ccccbaabc");
// recursive mapping
data.doCommand("map X Y");
data.doCommand("map XXX i1<esc>");
data.doCommand("map Y i2<esc>");
data.doCommand("map YZ i3<esc>");
data.doCommand("map _ i <esc>");
KEYS("_XXX_", X " 1 abc");
KEYS("XX_0", X " 22 1 abc");
KEYS("XXXXZ_0", X " 31 22 1 abc");
KEYS("XXXXX_0", X " 221 31 22 1 abc");
KEYS("XXZ", X "32 221 31 22 1 abc");
data.doCommand("unmap X");
data.doCommand("unmap XXX");
data.doCommand("unmap Y");
data.doCommand("unmap YZ");
data.doCommand("unmap _");
// shift modifier
data.doCommand("map x i1<esc>");
data.doCommand("map X i2<esc>");
KEYS("x", X "1abc");
KEYS("X", X "21abc");
data.doCommand("map <S-X> i3<esc>");
KEYS("X", X "321abc");
data.doCommand("map X i4<esc>");
KEYS("X", X "4321abc");
KEYS("x", X "14321abc");
data.doCommand("unmap x");
data.doCommand("unmap X");
// undo/redo mapped input
data.setText("abc def ghi");
data.doCommand("map X dwea xyz<esc>3l");
KEYS("X", "def xyz g" X "hi");
KEYS("u", X "abc def ghi");
KEYS("<C-r>", X "def xyz ghi");
data.doCommand("unmap X");
// <C-o>
data.setText("abc def");
data.doCommand("imap X <c-o>:%s/def/xxx/<cr>");
KEYS("iX", "abc xxx");
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ private slots:
void test_vim_marks();
void test_vim_copy_paste();
void test_vim_undo_redo();
void test_map();
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