Commit e89c4775 authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger
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Allow loading of projects even with no valid Qt

This patch marks up invalid Qt versions as Desktop.

Make sure we add a the always existing invalid Qt version in the path
available in the targetselectionpage if no valid Qt versions could be found.

This way a project can be set up and loaded without a valid Qt version set up.
Trying to build this will fail of course. This is basically how we handled
this situation before we had targets, too.

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-1066
Reviewed-by: dt
parent ef46c31d
......@@ -1155,8 +1155,10 @@ void QtVersion::updateToolChainAndMkspec() const
if (!isValid())
if (!isValid()) {
// qDebug()<<"Finding mkspec for"<<qmakeCommand();
......@@ -280,6 +280,9 @@ TargetSetupPage::importInfosForKnownQtVersions(Qt4ProjectManager::Qt4Project *pr
QList<ImportInfo> results;
QtVersionManager * vm = QtVersionManager::instance();
QList<QtVersion *> validVersions = vm->validVersions();
// Fallback in case no valid versions are found:
if (validVersions.isEmpty())
validVersions.append(vm->versions().at(0)); // there is always one!
foreach (QtVersion *v, validVersions) {
ImportInfo info;
// ToDo: Check whether shadowbuilding is possible and use sourcedir if not:
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