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Doc: Describe the resource editor

This far, it was only briefly described in a widgets tutorial
and the information is needed when using Qt Quick Controls 2.

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You can create your own project and class wizards. For more information,
see \l{Adding New Custom Wizards}.
\section2 Creating Resource Files
\QC supports the \l{The Qt Resource System}{Qt Resource System}, which is a
platform-independent mechanism for storing files in the application's
\image qtcreator-add-resource-wizard.png "New File or Project dialog"
The wizard creates a resource collection file (.qrc) that you can manage in
the resource editor.
\image qtcreator-add-resource.png "Editing resource files"
Select \uicontrol Add > \uicontrol {Add Files} to locate and add individual
By default, resources are accessible in the application under the same file
name as they have in the source tree, with a \c{:/} prefix, or by a URL with
a \c qrc scheme. To specify a path prefix for all files in the \c .qrc file,
select \uicontrol Add > \uicontrol {Add Prefix} or enter the prefix in the
\uicontrol Prefix field.
Some resources need to change based on the user's locale, such as
translation files or icons. You can specify a locale in the
\uicontrol Language field.
Select \uicontrol Remove to remove the selected file from the resource
collection. In the \uicontrol {Remove File} dialog, select the
\uicontrol {Delete file permanently} check box to remove the file from
the file system. To remove files that cannot be found in the file system,
select \uicontrol {Remove Missing Files}.
The above functions are also available in the context menu in the
\uicontrol Projects view.
\section2 Creating OpenGL Fragment and Vertex Shaders
Qt provides support for integration with OpenGL implementations on all
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