Commit eb41ffe5 authored by Christiaan Janssen's avatar Christiaan Janssen
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QmlProfiler: Time display with 3 decimals

Change-Id: I2421f7cd01e89a41489d5e6355cc83833e21ffcc

Reviewed-by: default avatarKai Koehne <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarQt Sanity Bot <>
parent b2e9ab1e
...@@ -91,12 +91,11 @@ TiledCanvas { ...@@ -91,12 +91,11 @@ TiledCanvas {
if (t<1000) return t+" μs"; if (t<1000) return t+" μs";
t = Math.floor(t/100)/10; t = Math.floor(t/100)/10;
if (t<1000) return t+" ms"; if (t<1000) return t+" ms";
t = Math.floor(t/100)/10; t = Math.floor(t)/1000;
if (t<60) return t+" s"; if (t<60) return t+" s";
t = Math.floor(t)/60; var m = Math.floor(t/60);
if (t<60) return t+" m"; t = Math.floor(t - m*60);
t = Math.floor(t)/60; return m+"m"+t+"s";
return t+" h";
} }
function detailedPrintTime( t ) function detailedPrintTime( t )
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