Commit eda0d291 authored by hjk's avatar hjk
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TextEditor: Make some virtual protected slots private

Not needed otherwise

Change-Id: Ie178ae7c8a5216e351360b45d9c75c8b32dd2a54
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristian Stenger <>
parent f5b0bd32
......@@ -588,16 +588,16 @@ protected:
protected slots:
virtual void slotUpdateExtraArea();
virtual void slotUpdateExtraAreaWidth();
virtual void slotUpdateRequest(const QRect &r, int dy);
virtual void slotCursorPositionChanged();
virtual void slotUpdateBlockNotify(const QTextBlock &);
virtual void slotCodeStyleSettingsChanged(const QVariant &);
virtual void slotCursorPositionChanged(); // Used in VcsBase
virtual void slotCodeStyleSettingsChanged(const QVariant &); // Used in CppEditor
void configureMimeType();
private slots:
void slotUpdateExtraArea();
void slotUpdateExtraAreaWidth();
void slotUpdateRequest(const QRect &r, int dy);
void slotUpdateBlockNotify(const QTextBlock &);
void updateTabStops();
void applyFontSettingsDelayed();
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