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......@@ -47,6 +47,26 @@ QML/JS Support
* Fixed scanning and indentation of regular expression literals (QTCREATORBUG-4566)
* Fixed indentation of object literals
Qt Quick Designer
* Added tool buttons to the navigator for reordering and reparenting of items
* Added support for import as (QTCREATORBUG-4087)
* Added editing and navigation for inline components
* Added support for models and delegates in the current file (QTCREATORBUG-4528)
* Added support for repeaters (QTCREATORBUG-4852)
* Added context menu for resetting postion and size
* Added context menu for improved selection (QTCREATORBUG-4611)
* Added translation support for text items
* Added context menu for z-order (QTCREATORBUG-2522)
* Fixed z-order in the form editor (QTCREATORBUG-5226)
* Improved usability of the form editor (QTCREATORBUG-4820 QTCREATORBUG-4819)
* Do not enforce clipping of items in the form editor anymore
* Improved property editor for mouse area (QTCREATORBUG-4927)
* Use the qmlpuppet from current Qt if availabe (QTCREATORBUG-4824)
* Added project for qmlpuppet in share of Qt Creator
* Fixed copy and paste bug (QTCREATORBUG-4581)
* Fixed scoping of root item properties (QTCREATORBUG-4574)
* Improved property editor for ListView, GridView and PathView
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