Commit f0f21326 authored by con's avatar con
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Pre-fill build configuration name when adding one.

parent 6039c311
......@@ -274,18 +274,19 @@ bool Qt4BuildConfigurationFactory::create(const QString &type) const
QTC_ASSERT(m_versions.contains(type), return false);
const VersionInfo &info = m_versions.value(type);
QtVersion *version = QtVersionManager::instance()->version(info.versionId);
if (!version)
return false;
bool ok;
QString buildConfigurationName = QInputDialog::getText(0,
tr("New configuration"),
tr("New Configuration Name:"),
if (!ok || buildConfigurationName.isEmpty())
return false;
QtVersion *version = QtVersionManager::instance()->version(info.versionId);
m_project->addQt4BuildConfiguration(tr("%1 Debug").arg(buildConfigurationName),
(QtVersion::QmakeBuildConfig)(version->defaultBuildConfig() | QtVersion::DebugBuild));
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