Commit f4983975 authored by David Schulz's avatar David Schulz
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cdbExt: Fix dump of QFile.

Change-Id: If5d31efba42592bf518be45a3c8c368ebfc00f05
Reviewed-by: default avatarFriedemann Kleint <>
parent efa1d476
......@@ -1844,14 +1844,16 @@ static inline bool dumpQRegExp(const SymbolGroupValue &v, std::wostream &str)
static inline bool dumpQFile(const SymbolGroupValue &v, std::wostream &str)
// Get address of the file name string, obtain value by dumping a QString at address
static unsigned qIoDevicePrivateSize = 0;
if (!qIoDevicePrivateSize) {
const std::string qIoDevicePrivateType = QtInfo::get(v.context()).prependQtCoreModule("QIODevicePrivate");
qIoDevicePrivateSize = padOffset(SymbolGroupValue::sizeOf(qIoDevicePrivateType.c_str()));
if (!qIoDevicePrivateSize)
static unsigned qFileBasePrivateSize = 0;
if (!qFileBasePrivateSize) {
const QtInfo info = QtInfo::get(v.context());
const std::string qIoDevicePrivateType =info.prependQtCoreModule(
info.version < 5 ? "QIODevicePrivate" : "QFileDevicePrivate");
qFileBasePrivateSize = padOffset(SymbolGroupValue::sizeOf(qIoDevicePrivateType.c_str()));
if (!qFileBasePrivateSize)
return false;
return dumpQStringFromQPrivateClass(v, QPDM_qVirtual, qIoDevicePrivateSize, str);
return dumpQStringFromQPrivateClass(v, QPDM_qVirtual, qFileBasePrivateSize, str);
/* Dump QHostAddress, for whose private class no debugging information is available.
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