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Fix parsing of .qmake.cache Fixes DESTDIR for debug_and_release_targets

Closer again to qmake, ossi won't like it, but this is exactly what
qmake does, even it it looks a little bit strange. He can come up with
a better fix after he is back from vacation.
parent a922accd
......@@ -584,6 +584,7 @@ void Qt4RunConfiguration::updateTarget()
//qDebug()<<"reader didn't contain DESTDIR, setting to "<<baseDir;
m_workingDir = baseDir;
if (reader->values("CONFIG").contains("debug_and_release_target")) {
//qDebug()<<"reader has debug_and_release_target";
QString qmakeBuildConfig = "release";
if (projectBuildConfiguration & QtVersion::DebugBuild)
qmakeBuildConfig = "debug";
......@@ -1208,7 +1208,7 @@ ProItem::ProItemReturn ProFileEvaluator::Private::visitBeginProFile(ProFile * pr
&m_option->base_valuemap, &m_option->base_functions)) {
errorMessage(format("Could not read qmake configuration file %1").arg(spec));
} else {
updateHash(&m_option->base_valuemap, m_option->cache_valuemap);
evaluateFileInto(qmake_cache, &m_option->base_valuemap, &m_option->base_functions);
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