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Doc: disabling Perforce plugin

To get rid of the error message in Version Control output panel

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-3382

Reviewed-by: Tobias Hunger
parent b3318816
......@@ -5643,8 +5643,17 @@
When you start Qt Creator, it looks for the executable specified
in the \gui{P4 command} field in \gui{Tools > Options... > Version
Control > Perforce}. If you do not use Perforce and want to turn
off the check, clear this field.
Control > Perforce}. If the file is not found, the following error
message is displayed in the \gui {Version Control} output pane:
\gui {Perforce: Unable to determine the repository: "p4.exe"
terminated with exit code 1}. If you use Perforce, check that the
path to the executable is specified correctly in the \gui{P4 command}
If you do not use Perforce, you can disable the Perforce plugin to
get rid of the error message. Choose \gui {Help > About Plugins} and
deselect the \gui Load check box for the \gui Perforce plugin in the
\gui {Version Control} group.
The \gui Perforce submenu contains the following additional items:
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