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Doc: pinning tooltips in Debug mode

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To switch off the debugging helpers:
\list 1
\o Select \gui Tools > \gui Options... > \gui Debugger >
\gui{Debugging Helper}.
\o Uncheck the \gui{Use Debugging Helper} checkbox.
......@@ -10282,6 +10283,17 @@
\o Select the \gui {Use tooltips in main editor while debugging} check box.
When you hover over a variable in the code editor in \gui Debug mode, a
tooltip is displayed. To keep the tooltip visible, click the pin button.
You can expand pinned tooltips to view their full content.
\image qtcreator-pin-tooltip.png
Pinned tooltips are stored in the session. To close all pinned tooltips,
select \gui {Close Editor Tooltips} in the context menu in the \gui {Locals
and Watchers} view.
\section1 Locating Files
The \gui Locator provides one of the easiest ways in Qt Creator to browse
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