Commit f63c9472 authored by David Schulz's avatar David Schulz
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Debugger: Fix MSVC python dumper for std::list

Change-Id: I3c32ba62107d54e0ab588b7a6cd068575c4e2873
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent ea543f5f
......@@ -204,17 +204,16 @@ def qdump__std__list(d, value):
p = d.extractPointer(p)
def qdump__std__list__QNX(d, value):
node = value["_Myhead"]
size = value["_Mysize"].integer()
(proxy, head, size) = value.split("ppp")
d.putItemCount(size, 1000)
if d.isExpanded():
p = node["_Next"]
with Children(d, size, maxNumChild=1000, childType=value.type[0]):
p = d.extractPointer(head)
innerType = value.type[0]
with Children(d, size, maxNumChild=1000, childType=innerType):
for i in d.childRange():
d.putSubItem(i, p['_Myval'])
p = p["_Next"]
d.putSubItem(i, d.createValue(p + 2 * d.ptrSize(), innerType))
p = d.extractPointer(p)
def qdump__std____debug__list(d, value):
qdump__std__list(d, value)
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