Commit f9322928 authored by dt's avatar dt
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Remove wrong output, we pass a explicit -spec argument.

parent 143f6e4a
......@@ -114,11 +114,6 @@ bool QMakeStep::init(const QString &name)
QStringList args = arguments(name);
QString workingDirectory = m_pro->buildDirectory(name);
Environment environment = m_pro->environment(name);
if (!environment.value("QMAKESPEC").isEmpty() && environment.value("QMAKESPEC") != qtVersion->mkspec())
emit addToOutputWindow(tr("QMAKESPEC from environment (%1) overrides mkspec of selected Qt (%2).")
.arg(environment.value("QMAKESPEC"), qtVersion->mkspec()));
QString program = qtVersion->qmakeCommand();
// Check wheter we need to run qmake
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