Commit fa3fe482 authored by Robert Loehning's avatar Robert Loehning Committed by Robert Löhning
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Fixed CVSSettings::equals

Change-Id: I893d740558ddcca1ac20f27088d9388a854be16d

Reviewed-by: default avatarQt Sanity Bot <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarTobias Hunger <>
parent f4e59af1
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ void CVSSettings::toSettings(QSettings *settings) const
bool CVSSettings::equals(const CVSSettings &s) const
return promptToSubmit == promptToSubmit
return promptToSubmit == s.promptToSubmit
&& describeByCommitId == s.describeByCommitId
&& cvsCommand == s.cvsCommand
&& cvsRoot == s.cvsRoot
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