Commit fb1e56cb authored by Martin Aumüller's avatar Martin Aumüller Committed by hjk
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fakevim: use FakeVim indentation settings instead of creator's

Merge-request: 2160
Reviewed-by: default avatarhjk <>
parent 85b39966
File mode changed from 100755 to 100644
......@@ -649,8 +649,10 @@ void FakeVimPluginPrivate::indentRegion(int *amount, int beginLine, int endLine,
if (!bt)
TextEditor::TabSettings tabSettings =
TextEditor::TabSettings tabSettings;
tabSettings.m_indentSize = theFakeVimSetting(ConfigShiftWidth)->value().toInt();
tabSettings.m_tabSize = theFakeVimSetting(ConfigTabStop)->value().toInt();
tabSettings.m_spacesForTabs = theFakeVimSetting(ConfigExpandTab)->value().toBool();
typedef SharedTools::Indenter<TextEditor::TextBlockIterator> Indenter;
Indenter &indenter = Indenter::instance();
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