Commit fb4f6692 authored by Christian Stenger's avatar Christian Stenger

Squish: Adapt tst_HELP05 to changed template

Change-Id: I03973193b2a705af632fd8978b37873bde51006f
Reviewed-by: default avatarRobert Loehning <>
parent c4ec04d2
......@@ -37,10 +37,12 @@ def verifyInteractiveQMLHelp(lineText, helpText):
type(editorArea, homeKey)
type(editorArea, homeKey)
# call help
type(editorArea, "<F1>")
test.verify(helpText in getHelpTitle(),
"Verifying if help is opened with documentation for '%s'." % helpText)
test.verify(waitFor('helpText in getHelpTitle()', 1000),
"Verifying if help is opened with documentation for '%s'.\nHelp title: %s"
% (helpText, getHelpTitle()))
def main():
startApplication("qtcreator" + SettingsPath)
......@@ -52,10 +54,15 @@ def main():
# create qt quick application
createNewQtQuickApplication(tempDir(), "SampleApp")
editorArea = waitForObject(":Qt Creator_QmlJSEditor::QmlJSTextEditorWidget")
# add basic MouseArea item to check it afterwards
codelines = ['MouseArea {', 'anchors.fill: parent', 'onClicked: Qt.quit()']
if not addTestableCodeAfterLine(editorArea, 'title: qsTr("Hello World")', codelines):
invokeMenuItem("File", "Save All")
# verify Rectangle help
verifyInteractiveQMLHelp("Window {", "Window QML Type")
# go back to edit mode
# verify MouseArea help
verifyInteractiveQMLHelp("MouseArea {", "MouseArea QML Type")
# exit
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