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as an emergency command.
\section1 Using FakeVim Mode
In the \gui{FakeVim} mode, you can run the main editor in a manner similar
to the Vim editor. To run the editor in the \gui{FakeVim} mode, select
\gui{Edit} > \gui{Advanced} > \gui{Toggle vim-style editing} or press
In the \gui{FakeVim} mode, most keystrokes in the main editor will be
intercepted and interpreted in a way that resembles Vim.
To map commands entered on the \gui{FakeVim} command line to actions of the
Qt Creator core, select \gui{Tools} > \gui{Options...} > \gui{FakeVim} >
\gui{Ex Command Mapping}.
To make changes to the \gui{Vim style settings}, select \gui{Tools} >
\gui{Options...} > \gui{General}.
\section1 Using an External Editor
To open the file you are currently viewing in an external editor, select
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