Commit fd2e00f6 authored by Marco Bubke's avatar Marco Bubke

QmlDesigner: Fix crash in anchor update function

Task-number: QTCREATORBUG-11138
Change-Id: Ie7eeb1cf93d96f377f53cb69587285c8da7988a7
Reviewed-by: default avatarThomas Hartmann <>
parent f97df3e9
......@@ -211,6 +211,7 @@ static void updateAnchorLinePoints(QPointF *firstPoint, QPointF *secondPoint, co
void AnchorIndicatorGraphicsItem::updateAnchorIndicator(const AnchorLine &sourceAnchorLine, const AnchorLine targetAnchorLine)
if (sourceAnchorLine.qmlItemNode().isValid() && targetAnchorLine.qmlItemNode().isValid()) {
m_sourceAnchorLineType = sourceAnchorLine.type();
m_targetAnchorLineType = targetAnchorLine.type();
......@@ -229,6 +230,7 @@ void AnchorIndicatorGraphicsItem::updateAnchorIndicator(const AnchorLine &source
void AnchorIndicatorGraphicsItem::updateBoundingRect()
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