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......@@ -14,33 +14,93 @@ General
* Created new wizard engine to add new script based wizards
without the need for recompilation
* Improved high DPI support
* Added Window > Close Window for external windows
* Added list of open windows to Window menu
* Added basic theming support
* Fixed various thread-safety issues in locator
* Implemented dragging of edited documents between views
* Moved the Close Document button next to the document
* Implemented dragging of edited documents between splits,
and from navigation views onto splits
* Added titles to external editor windows
* Fixed that File > Close, and the corresponding shortcuts
and tool buttons, closed all editors for a document even
if multiple editors were visible
* Added Home and Bookmark buttons to external and side-by-side
help viewers
* Added support for File > Print to external and side-by-side
help viewers
* Added optionally shown side bar with contents, index, bookmark
and search views to external help viewer
Managing and Building Projects
* Added option to specify environment variables per kit
* Added 256-color ANSI support to application output view
* Added Select all kits check box to project setup page
* Added support for using variables, such as %{Qt:Version},
in Qt version and kit display names (QTCREATORBUG-11118)
* Changed File > Close Project to a menu that allows selecting
a specific project to close, if more than one project is open
* Fixed that Run menu in project context menu was never shown
QMake Projects
* Implemented asynchronous loading of projects
* Added option to use Qt Quick Compiler
* Fixed that adding multiple build configurations stopped asking
for the configuration name (QTCREATORBUG-12955)
* Fixed crash when renaming files in case automatic rewriting
of the .pro file is not possible (QTCREATORBUG-12930)
CMake Projects
* Added support for bare metal devices
* Added option to override make command (QTCREATORBUG-11788)
Qbs Projects
* Removed experimental status of the plugin
* Added support for renaming files (QBS-652)
* Fixed crash with simplified project view (QTCREATORBUG-12897)
Generic Projects
* Fixed that project files were shown twice after adding files to empty
generic project (QTCREATORBUG-13106)
* Fixed detection of target architecture
* Made it possible to abort the debugging process
* Fixed shadowed local variable handling (QTCREATORBUG-13132)
QML Profiler
* Added JavaScript heap profiler
* Improved scenegraph profiler
* Added drag & drop for reordering categories in timeline (QTCREATORBUG-12337)
* Added optional showing and hiding of categories
* Added option to add notes to events in timeline for export
* Fixed display of binding loops (QTCREATORBUG-12950)
* Fixed selection of previous and next item in timeline
C++ Support
* Added Convert connect() to Qt 5 Style refactoring action
* Added smart splitting of string literals when pressing enter within strings
* Fixed code completion for pointer in template specialization
and initialization (QTCREATORBUG-12638)
* Fixed code completion for typedefs of pointer arrays
* Fixed that hovering over a symbol sometimes jumped to its definition
* Fixed that include paths were not adjusted when files are renamed
QML Support
* Added support for forms
Qt Quick Designer
* Added support for a workflow where .qml code is split into
......@@ -49,10 +109,16 @@ Qt Quick Designer
* Extended anchoring options
Diff Viewer
* Fixed reloading patch files (QTCREATORBUG-13241)
Version Control Systems
* Removed support for Gitorious
* Fixed commit editor line wrapping for lines that end with a dash
* Fixed issues with Save As
......@@ -63,9 +129,19 @@ Windows
* Removed Necessitas support
* Added Gradle build system support
* Changed installation of package to use androiddeployqt
when using Qt 5.4 or later
* Improved error dialog for Android manifest
* Split permissions and features check box into separate check boxes
in manifest editor
* Fixed that passwords used for signing were shown in build log
Remote Linux
* Made checks on tool chain and target architecture/OS for deployment
options less restrictive
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